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Soul Contract Name Optimization


Optimizing your common name is a powerful tool for creating shifts & improving your life.

2 hours


Sound is creative. This means that the sound of your name is creating your life. And any name which you use will create a vibration which is either helpful, neutral, or unhelpful. We often use the analogy of a cake, saying your birth name is like the cake of your life. Any other name you use is like an icing which either enhances the cake or not. The idea with name optimization is to have a new name with a vibration that helps your life, that makes your cake absolutely delicious and beautiful.
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How to Prepare for a Name Optimization? 


Note: Birth & Relationship Readings are a prerequisite. This is required in order for us to get to know you and find out where you are in your progression through your Soul Contract. What will be revealed are the key, repeating energy patterns in the different names you have used and the different relationships you have had which will indicate the direction your soul is taking you in your life. This is very important input into the Name Optimization process to ensure the new name is aligned to that direction.


Once you have decided that you would like to optimize your name there are a few things you can do that help the process:


  1. Decide where you want your life to go, what you want to achieve.  Make a list of all you would like to be able to achieve personally, professionally, spiritually. These could be things such as: financial success, healing, trusting myself, becoming more conscious, being a good parent, set up a business, write a book … Don’t hold back, let your dreams flow out of you onto the paper.

  2. Put this list of goals you wish to achieve out to Higher Consciousness, in meditation or whatever way works for you. Once this is done, pay very special attention to what comes to you as the Universe will answer you.

  3. Decide what parts of your birth name/current name you want to keep or not. You have complete freedom over this. Many people choose to keep their surname for family and professional reasons. Others change the whole thing. Some people just chose a new middle name. Whatever feels right for you is the right thing.

  4. Now for the creative part. You need to come up with a list of possible names that might work. This could be a name your parents wanted to call you, a name you have always liked, it may come to you in a dream or meditation, you may hear it in a song or on the TV, someone might even call you by this name by “accident”. You may see it on the back of a truck. Write down all the names that come to you and how you feel about them.

2 hr Session  |  $331

Note: Finding the correct name can take more than 2 hours or need additional sessions which can be purchased at $106/hr.

What Happens in a Name Optimization?

We will work with you going through your wish-list and then trying out all the names you have chosen. Sometimes, name optimization requires several sessions. It is a process, like a new you are born. And we all know that babies decide when they want to be born. You may go through some ups and downs with it. This is natural. Be patient and kind with yourself. You are in the process of lifting your life to a new level.

When we find the optimal name there is often an “AHA” feeling. It can feel elating and liberating. It can also feel a little daunting as the ego says, “can it be this good?”

What to do once you have found your optimal name?

  • We recommend that you keep it to yourself for a few days. Feel its vibration. Let it resonate through you. Once you feel ready, start telling people about it. Generally, family members may offer some resistance to a new you. This is natural. You can explain it to them as you see fit. Something like “I am changing a lot, and I felt the need for a new name to reflect this change” might work. If your optimal name is very powerful, this may affect people strongly and they may react around you.

  • When you feel ready, change the name on your passport, driving licence, utilities, bank, etc. Take your time with this as it is a lot of paperwork. 

  • Remember, your new name is a vibration. The more it is used the more it will affect and transform your life. Make sure it is on your business cards, headed paper, website, social media...


Sound is creative. This means that the sound of your name is creating your life.


Are you ready to radically change your life?

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What our clients are saying...

“Almerinda is wonderful. Be prepared to be surprised at the insight you will gain. It is also a very loving experience connecting with Almerinda.”

Helena M.P.

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