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Your journey to grace, faith & self-love

Welcome to HeartQuest

The greatest key to living your highest potential in your life is to follow your heart, in every moment — no exceptions.

“Grace” is about having the patience to stop contributing to your own suffering and confusion. Being in a hurry often doesn’t help and it can create a great deal of suffering – sometimes in us, sometimes in those who have to be around us.

“Faith” is about letting go, resisting or struggling in exchange for something more powerful and wholesome, which comes out of allowing things to be as they are. It’s trusting even though we may not always understand what is happening to us, or to another.


“Self-Love” is about standing firm in that which you are, and accepting who you are, with acceptance and without judgment. It’s about giving yourself permission to disconnect from things and from the idea that you have to be strong for everyone else.

All of my HeartCentred services show you NEW & EXCITING ways to look at yourself & to discover who you are!
Here are the tools I use to help guide you on your path.
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Hi, I’m Almerinda

I am a HeartCentred Teacher.


No matter what you’ve been through in your life or what you may feel you are stuck in, there is a way out! The solutions are always found deep within your heart. HeartQuest is taking that courageous journey to listen to and follow your heart!


My mission is to help you understand your uniquely designed self & guide you through your own healing so you can align to your highest joy — led by your heart.

Recent Talk —

International Women’s Day

All the answers are found deep within your heart!

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