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Business Name Optimization


When your business names align with your own Soul Contract, you are primed for optimal ease, flow & expansion of your business.

2 hours


Artist Painting in Studio

A Soul Contract Business Name Optimization can help you maximize success in your business through helping you to:



Understand your primary life challenges, abilities and drives and to align to your deeper purpose in your business.


Manifest your Soul Destiny/Life Purpose out in the world through optimizing the flow of energy from the birth name and the current/optimal name into the names of your:

  • Business

  • Website addresses

  • Email addresses

which will then radiate out the optimal attraction energy to draw enthusiastic customers from the niche market you are addressing, who are very eager to do business because trust has already been built, energetically. 

This is in contrast to most businesses who spend their time desperately chasing all sorts of potential customers and trying to get them to say “yes” to their products and services. This is really hard work with small returns and is so soul destroying. You are probably very familiar with this.

Building trust with a customer is priceless and using optimal attracting energies are helpful in achieving this.


Enhance interpersonal relationships within your business to make it run more smoothly and synergistically, including:

  • Finding the right people for specific positions

  • Building jobs around a person’s strengths to maximize their potential, performance, contribution, and sense of job satisfaction both individually and within teams.

  • Developing optimal people management strategies specifically tailored for each individual and for entire teams.

  • Minimizing conflict in the first place and where it does occur achieving more efficient resolution.

  • Improving client, supplier, business partner and associate relationships


If you would like to manifest your Soul Destiny, while creating a business that inspires you, an optimized business name is essential. 

I will work with you to...

  • Align your business with your Soul’s Destiny, creating more meaningful results with less effort.

  • Use your business as a vehicle to support you in your journey of self-actualization.

  • Run your business consciously and harmoniously in a world of rapid change and evolution.

Note: A Birth Chart Reading is a prerequisite.

2 hr Session  |  $331

Note: Finding the correct names for your business, website, products, services, etc can take more than 2 hours or need additional sessions which can be purchased at $106/hr.

Sound is creative. The sound of your business name is creating your experience.

Are you ready to optimize your business name(s)?

Or book a complimentary Discovery Call with Almerinda to learn more & ask all your questions.

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What our clients are saying...

“Almerinda’s soul contract session provided very clear and concise direction on some personal and career goals. She offers a very heartfelt unique service which feels so supportive and nurturing. She went through my individual soul contract in depth and was very thorough. Also provided some aligned business names based upon the soul contract. I would highly recommend Almerinda’s services.”

Andrea D.

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