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Human Rights

I have gained a unique vantage point on resolving conflict as a result of more than 30 years of experience working for a large, complex corporate organization. For fifteen of those years, I worked in human rights as a consultant and as an investigator ensuring safe, respectful harassment and discrimination-free workplaces and services.


There are various pieces of human rights legislation that protect individuals from harassment and discrimination based on their membership in protected grounds such as sex, race, and disability, particularly under the Ontario Human Rights Code. There are also other health, safety, and related protections that go beyond human rights.  Through my work for the last fifteen years, I have attained substantial experience and knowledge on the protections and resolution options available to individuals who are unsure how to exercise their rights. 


HeartQuest services include conflict resolution support, ranging from neutral third party assessment of concerns of potential harassment and/or discrimination; strategies and approaches to help handle conflict more productively and efficiently; and how to respond to conflict in a way that is constructive rather than destructive.


The existence of conflict is not necessarily bad in and of itself; conflict is a common and natural part of life that we may experience when dealing with our family members, friends, co-workers and others.  In fact, conflict is often a necessary catalyst that allows for change, evolution, personal growth and progress. When we avoid dealing with conflict (or ignore it), the root problem still exists. To assist clients in dealing with their conflict and address the root problem, HeartQuest practitioners will teach one fundamental practice: how to allow yourself to feel deep into your heart.


HeartQuest services do NOT include legal advice for filing complaints with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.


All information shared will be held confidentially, to the extent possible, as permitted by law.


Criminal harassment (stalking) and sexual/physical assault violate the Criminal Code of Canada and will be reported to police.

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