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Soul Contract

I have found Soul Contract to be the most powerful work in my services

I have worked with many people in my life - from high-performing business leaders, to children, to everyday people on a mission to have a better life.

Here's what I discovered: We're ALL asking the same questions.

We all want to know why we were put here on earth.

We want to understand ourselves and know our purpose.


A Soul Contract Birth Reading is based on a system of numerology that uses the 22 characters of the Hebrew alphabet and the six-pointed star, known as the "Star of David." It is channelled Ancient Wisdom to reveal how your life is really meant to work and empowers you to manifest your Soul Destiny. It is an accurate, in-depth system of spiritual interpretation that decodes the secrets of the blueprint of your life hidden within your birth name.

A Soul Contract Birth Reading goes to the essence of your life purpose, describing your karma (challenges), talents (gifts) and goals (dreams), and how to apply them on earth, and the spiritual calling of your life.

We are unique beings. We are here to fulfill our unique potential.


The business that you build becomes the channel not only for your work to happen but for your own growth.

Part of my services also includes a Soul Contract Business Reading which ensures that your business name is aligned with your birth name energies. 

I also do name optimizations and relationship analysis using Soul Contract. Through a Soul Contract Reading, we can easily and accurately show you how the dynamics work in families, relationships and with children. 

This includes showing you where things are working positively and creatively and also the areas of friction and difficulty. Recommendations are also given on how to manage these challenges. 

Birth Chart Reading (1.25hrs of prep + 1.5-2hrs of presentation) $331

Birth Chart + Relationship OR Business Reading $430

Birth Chart + Relationship Reading + Business Reading $520

Name Optimization $100/hr

Sessions are available in person or via Zoom within Canada and internationally.

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